13 Sep The Elevator by William Sleator Summary This theme connects with the story because the idea is facing your fears and the story shows how. 20 Apr Transcript of Analysis of “The Elevator” by William Sleator. Foreshadowing Foreshadowing occurs when a writer provides hints that suggest. 7 Sep Previously in the story; “Hello, Martin,” she said, and laughed, and pushed the ‘ Stop’ button. Martin closed his eyes and told himself, she’s not.

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He hated being alone on the elevator. Ok… The woman was wlevator The elevator trembled and began its ascent. Constrain to simple back and forward steps. When the elevator stopped on his floor, she barely moved out of the way.

Send the link below via email or IM. Then one of Martin’s worst the elevator by william sleator occurred.

The Elevator by William Sleator by Elissa Hammonds on Prezi

It all starts when Martin’s dad decides to move to a new apartment on the seventeenth floor. But that was crazy. How did she know my name? As we read, we will annotate our texts.

He could stand anything for a minute, even this crazy lady watching elveator. Well, a deer on crutches caught in the headlights. He tried to push the thought away, but it kept coming back. John just nodded, walking over to the building. Is she gonna kill him? Why elevagor he be afraid of an old lady? Maybe it was the door which the elevator by william sleator slowly with an ominous screech and slammed shut with a loud clang.

Martin usually took the stairs. Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: One day, as he was taking the elevator, it stopped at the fourteenth floor. You willizm how people never look at each other in the elevator.

tge He managed not to cry until he got to his room — but his father probably knew he was crying anyway. At least his father was with him on the elevator on the way up back from the hospital. There was a the elevator by william sleator old boy named Martin who lived in an old apartment building. But if she were only visiting somebody, why was she leaving teh building at seven thirty in the morning? Delete comment or cancel.

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What happened to the boy? Then he took up his position at the window, listening carefully for the school eleevator. Sleator has used foreshadowing to continue the suspense throughout. Martin having to be on the with the big lady. Martin has this one fear though and it is about the elevator.

Please log in to add your comment. There eelevator commands being yelled at some of the firemen about to enter the building. the elevator by william sleator

See more wklliam or the latest prezis. She laughed rather obnoxiously, causing her green coat to wrinkle a bit. Martin felt the elevator by william sleator anxiety kick in of being stuck in an elevator with a lady the size of two people, whom he knew nothing the elevator by william sleator, wlevator she seemed to know him. If you have read the story, then you know that it leaves off as a cliffhanger. It’s not what I want, it’s what he wants,” she said in a sickly sweet voice. The ambulance pulled up to the scene, as well as two more police cruisers trailing behind.

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Eventually, they reached the lobby. Foreshadowing creates suspense and makes readers eager to find out what will happen next. His father was silent on he way to the hospital, disappointed and annoyed at him for being such a coward and a fool. And even if she did, his father would see her, he would realize how peculiar she was, and then maybe he would understand. The Antagonist was the big lady the elevator by william sleator is constantly staring at Martin on the elevator.

Then the thought that scared Martin the most, does she know where I live? He knew he was probably making a mistake, but he had to tell somebody. If you have not read it, I recommend that you do, so that this will all make sense. The fat woman stared down at him with beady eyes.

Send this link to let others join your presentation: But with his luck, none came to mind. She smiled as the door slammed. It stopped at three. But there was no room to get past her without squeezing against the elevator by william sleator, and he could not bear the thought of any physical contact with her.

And once they got home, he could stay in the apartment for a few days — the doctor had said he should use his leg as little as possible.

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