8 Oct Just as he did with the DOM and JavaScript, Jeremy Keith has a unique ability to 2 HTML5 FOR WEB DESIGNERS format. Rather than. HTML5 for Web Designers has ratings and reviews. Graham said: How often do you laugh out loud while reading about coding standards? (a) All th. HTML5 isn’t as confusing as it once was, but it still isn’t straightforward. Title HTML5 for Web Designers; Author(s) Jeremy Keith; Publisher: A Book Apart.

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I’ve read most of this book, and can comment that a fot content is very accessible to non-programmers, though b knowing something about markup languages in general and the state of the world prior to HTML5 would be helpful c the content is largely about reassuring web designers that HTML5 is our friend, and that it simplifies a lot of things by “paving the cowpaths” – and making smart defaults for various tags.

HTML5 for Web Designers, Second Edition, 2nd Edition

So ease of this transition seems to be greatly exaggerated, though IE9 is supposed to support many new specs and kejth. Jul 13, Trey Piepmeier rated it it was amazing. Some browsers support some of the specification some of dexigners time.

If I go on about this book much longer, I’ll make it sound boring, and it’s really quite a light read. This is not a tome of thorough reference, nor an introduction for beginners author lists several resources in the end of the book for those seeking either.

Finished it in about 2 hours Covers much of the basics and what we can and cannot do so far. Well worth a read, and it’s quite easy to finish in a sitting.

This is also one of the first books on html5 to make it to the market as well. Feb 22, David Hall rated it really liked forr Shelves: Some examples specially in jegemy 5 weren’t detailed enough to clarify designrs concepts which also led me to confusions.

Jeremy does a good job at touching on key information such as obsolete tags, accessibility concerns, form enhancements, and semantics. I see this book as an HTML5 buffet table. Books by Jeremy Keith. Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations: He throws out a lot of the catchphrases making the rounds in the development community “pave the cowpaths”. You can definitely learn everything you’d learn from this book elsewhere, and perhaps just as quickly, for free.

Come here; you need a hug. It is very impressive.

The latest and greatest specification! Really designes, quick overview on what’s to come with html5. Jan 04, Dgilz rated it it was amazing. I was young er than I am nowand I decided to make a personal website on GeoCities. But the content is packed with enough cross references links to fill a British library, albeit the local, down-at-heel, soon-to-be-closed variety, not the national home to all the media that ever existed.

Vesigners plowed through this on my iPad before even getting out of bed for coffee one morning.

About the Authors Jeremy Keith is an Irish web developer living in Brighton, England, where he works with the web consultancy firm Clearleft. Lists with This Book. It is a light reading for experienced wwb des I did not spend a lot of time reading this book as it is a very short book. I’m not entirely sure how much advanced HTML5 users will get out of it, although I did learn things afresh. Now my websites still reflect a lack of design skills, but at least they’re accessible!

HTML 5 for Web Designers, by Jeremy Keith

Paperback87 pages. Let’s see how close we can come though. I learned a few new things, but most of the content in these chapters is covered in more depth on sites like HTML5 Doctor. I really don’t want to be a party pooper, but I must say that I learned more about HTML5 by reading a couple vesigners blog articles on the subject here and there.

Best of all, it’s funny. Keith’s writing is clear and entertaining. Keith looks at each in turn, exploring the advantages, disadvantages, and state of implementation with major browsers. Since I’ve been teaching for the past year, rather than keeping up with web development, this was a fantastic way to catch up in very little time.

And in fact the author does spend the first 2 of ddsigners 6 chapters discussing the history and process behind the creation of this spec – which further unsettled me.

That being understood, it’s a wonderful look inside the mind of a development evangelist; Keith’s knowledge takes a page slog of a standards guide and boils it down to the some pages you’ll actually need to read. It is a great introduction for beginners, as it is brief and concise. Feb 08, Ivy DeWitt rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Owing to the book’s brevity, I can easily review each chapter, and then I’ll conclude with an explanation of why, on balance, the quality in these pages truly does exceed their quantity.

In the years that followed, I learned about web standards and accessibility.

It is also a perfect example of what not to do with canvas. In it, Jeremy introduces the fundamental reasons for HTML5 and tells us how we can start using some of the most powerful features today.

Go check it out! Want ieith Read saving…. Brush up on syntax and updated elements, and get ready to work with responsive images, microformats, and microdata.

HTML5 for Web Designers, Second Edition, 2nd Edition [Book]

HTML5 for Web Designers is a beautifully-designed reference book, and it obviously won’t take up much shelf space. Jeremy Keith presents a history of the evolution of HTML5 in a terse, satiric tone that makes this book a must-read for anyone hoping to gain a greater familiarity with HTML5. I like that Keith addresses the shortcomings of the implementations of these elements thus far, e.

While browser support is not yet ubiquitous, the author explains a few ways in which designers can get to evolve their web applications while still playing nice with browsers that are yet to catch up. Nicely designed, however a big quark that drives me a bit bonkers is the spine on the book. The title wraps around so it is not fully visible on the book spine, which is going to look strange on my bookshelf.

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